Omani singer charms Indian talent hunt show

Omani singer Asma Mohammed Rafi Qasim Al Balushi is creating waves at the popular Indian talent hunt show – Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009. As the only non-Hindi speaking contestant, Asma charmed audiences with her down-to-earth attitude and singing abilities. She was initially voted out of the show a couple of months back.

But in a sudden turn of events, succumbing to pressure from audience and judges of the show, Asma was brought back as a wild card entrant, and it has to be seen whether she can make it to the top 14, who will compete for the crown. The fate of Asma’s selection rests with the audience who have the liberty to vote in or throw out a contestant. Earlier this year, the Omani crooner was one of the two winners at the Middle East version of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

In an interview earlier, Asma said:

“I have been singing Hindi songs since I was eight. It’s my dream to become a playback singer in Bollywood,” she said, struggling to string her sentences in Hindi.

“My father is a very popular singer in Oman. I want to become like him. By god’s grace I am getting there. The opportunity to take part in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is nothing short of a dream come true. Here I am competing with singers who have spoken Hindi all their life.” She turns to her father, also her teacher and musical inspiration, for translation and help. (more)

Asma’s father, Mohammed Rafi Qasim Al Balushi is a versatile singer in Oman, and has been named after the late popular Indian singer Mohammed Rafi. He was the runner-up in the Muscat Idol talent hunt show a couple of years back.

Says Mohammed Rafi:

“My father was a great fan of the late Mohammed Rafi so much so that when I was born, he named me after him. He had also met the great singer personally many times and on one occasion, he mentioned to the singer that he has a son whom he has named after him,” Mohammed disclosed.

“I am deeply involved in Indian music and my desire is that I get an opportunity to sing for Hindi films. Insha Allah, God will give me that opportunity,” Mohammed said. (more)

Let’s hope Asma will go a long way and make Oman proud. You can also help her get into final 14 of the present talent hunt show by way of email votes. Log into Sa Re Ga Ma Pa website to cast your vote.
Check out Asma crooning an Arabic number during the initial rounds of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009.

(Asma’s pic source: Internet)

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