On a sultry May evening, we landed up for dinner at Qureshi, the Indian restaurant at Hormuz Grand hotel. I have been hearing good reviews about the tastefully cooked desi food by the renowned family of chefs.

The fine dining restaurant is tastefully done in terms of interiors and decor.




A pleasant waiting staff Mr. Nitin took the trouble of explaining the menu in detail – about popular items of the restaurant and helped us in choosing the dishes. For starters, we ordered Non-Veg Kebab platter and Aam Panna Mojitos as drinks. Since we don’t eat red meat, we were given extra chicken kebabs along with fish tikka and grilled prawns. Everything was grilled to perfection. The combination of three sauces made it more flavourful. The Aam Panna Mojito was awesome. It had a blend of raw mangoes, ginger, mint and a few other ingredients, which I can’t recall.


For main course, we chose Murgh Bhori biriyani, Aloo Khada Masala and a combo of roti/naan. The biriyani was soft, full of flavours, non-greasy and the chicken cooked to perfection. The thick raita garnished with a touch of garlic and cumin came in handy to polish off the biriyani.


Aloo Khada Masala had baby potatoes cooked in thick masala. The bread (nan/roti) was fluffy and soft like a feather. I don’t know how they managed to make it so soft and tasty. Something unique.



Since we are not a family with a big appetite, we decided to wind up with Shahi Tukra, a popular choice for dessert. It tasted brilliant and lived up to its hype.


During the course of our dinner, we got talking with Mr. Kapil, F&B manager, on the general restaurant scene in Oman and India.

Non-Veg Kebab Platter is priced at RO 13, Aloo Khada Masala RO 5.5, Murgh Bhori biriyani RO 7.5, Aam Panna Mojito RO 3, and the Shahi Tukra costs RO 3.5. We had a great dinner interspersed with lip-smacking food and hospitality. Special thanks to Mr. Nitin for taking us through the menu, for great suggestions and amazing customer service. Oman needs more of Nitins, especially in the hospitality industry.

My only issue with the restaurant – the seats. I wish they had designed better comfortable seats.

I have earmarked some more dishes to try out for my next visit. If you love Indian food, Qureshi is worth a visit.