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Social media is the way forward

On my recent visit to India, a friend asked me: “How are big companies responding to social media in Oman?” Being a social media consultant, for once, I didn’t have a concrete reply. Then again I briefed him the scenario of 2010.

Well, social media in Oman is still in its nascent stage. People are talking about it, only a few companies are keen on adopting social media practice, and rest are ignoring it. A few banks were keen on Facebook, but developed cold feet at the last minute. Reason: they aren’t ready to accept honest feedback which might harm their reputation.

The primary reason for companies to shun social media in Oman is the transparency it gets into the scheme of things. Once you are in, you can’t dictate terms to the users unlike the traditional media which is more of a one-way communication. Businesses in Oman are so used to ‘dictate terms’ that they feel the moment social media is implemented, the privacy of the company is invaded and their reputation hurt by way of honest feedback. They will be answerable to everything and anything about their business and service. Well, they are not quite used to these things.

Companies here should realize that social media gets transparency into their business which is so vital in today’s world. They get to listen to honest feedback which can be used to improve their services and fine-tune products.

Social media is a cool and cost effective way to build a lasting relationship with customers and partners. Unlike the traditional advertising acquaintance, social media helps the company to talk to its customer, and this can help in building relationship for life.

Social media platforms are plenty like Corporate Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and
Facebook. These are redefining how we talk and relate to one another.

Imagine this. A customer is having problem with his internet connection, and he contacts the telecom company using social networking tools. The company listens to his problem and solves it immediately. Isn’t he a happy customer? There is every possibility of him telling about his experience to his friends. Imagine the kind of goodwill the company generates. Similarly, banks, hotels, trading companies, fashion brands, stores, etc, can reap benefits by adopting social media.

Adopt new technology and embrace change as fast as you can. Be social in every way possible. That is the future.

Blog anniversary and moving into wordpress

On July 2, this blog celebrated its fourth anniversary. It has been a wonderful journey all this while, and I sincerely thank readers of this blog. To scale it to the next level, I have moved the blog into wordpress platform. I highly recommend, the hosting company which did a great job in moving my blog from blogger to wordpress. I am very impressed with their service.

I do hope to blog frequently henceforth.

B for Barbie…B for birthday


It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday.

Twitter is like junk food

Twitter is like McDonald’s or KFC’s junk food. We know it is bad, but fall for it for the sake of taste and packaging. From being a voracious tweep, I have cut down drastically over the last few months for two reasons – work deadlines and Twitter boredom. Like my friend on Twitter says, leave it or take it, you can’t stay out of Twitter for long. He is right 100 percent. Twitter is a cool microblogging tool which allows you to connect to people all across the world – from celebs to stars to college students to nuts. You make new friends or piss off existing friends – the options are endless and mind-blowing. Depends on what kind of stuff you tweet. Twitter is what you want it to be.

One more disadvantage of tweeting is that your blogging takes a hit. This blog is the finest example of Twitter impact. From 20-25 posts a month, I can barely manage to post once a week. There is no shortage of stuff to post; it is just the laziness which creeps in when you can express the same thoughts in 140 characters over Twitter. Muscat had a lot of cool bloggers who lost their way, someway or the other, and Twitter has a major role to play in this downward spiral.

Thanks to social media/new media, I don’t mail my ‘real friends’ anymore. They track me over Facebook, blog and Twitter. Such is life in 2010.

Sorry readers…

…Omantel has blocked again and that means many images on this blog will appear as broken links/invisible images. I shall move into an Omantel-friendly photo hosting site. I promise.