Blue-collar Indian workers are among first devotees to throng temples in Muscat during festivals spread across the year. Today was no different for Maha Shivaratri. I saw hundreds of them walking from Muttrah Fish Roundabout to Shiva Temple and back. A distance of 12 kilometers both ways.

At Muttrah Fish Roundabout, they get into shared taxis and travel to Ruwi before heading into their respective labour camps. I am sure most of them may have taken a day off. They offer prayers with much devotion. Everyone enters the temple with a carry bag comprising of coconut, incense sticks and camphor. The same euphoria is seen in Krishna Temple too.

They land up in Oman by taking loans to pay job agents hefty sums and settle for a salary that is just enough to keep their families back in India alive. Despite the tide against them, they keep a smile on their faces. They are the unsung heroes for me!