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  1. Sanju Kumbera says:

    Hi Kishor

    I had my first proper coffee Taste in my aunts estate when I was 21
    Ever since I have dreamt about reaching the world with coorg coffee as not many people I have met know about us, I am half coorg however I have kept my mums maiden name , which has been my identity for last 31 years.
    I wanted to know more about coorg (origin) many years ago I read that our great ancestors were from Denmark & I have not got hold of that book again.
    I would like do a lot of research on this but also want to know if u can tell me if any connection between coorg & Victorians ?

    Thank you


  2. Kishor says:

    Sanju, thanks for dropping by. There are multiple theories on the origin of Kodavas, nothing is validated as of now. After being in Middle East for some years, I get a feeling we might be actually from Yemen.

  3. manimaran says:

    radio city FM 91.1

  4. Amrita says:

    Kishor, I have launched an attempt to put some info together about Coorg’s history and origin. Pls have a look at the blog that I have started very recently. Would love to receive some feedback from you. Many thanks!

  5. sudhir shetty says:

    Dear Kishor
    I am from the hospitality industry and I active since 1989,I worked in Oman, UAE and Rep.of Maldives as well as in India in many states.I did my hotel management course in REP. OF MALDIVES.My request to you that after read your comments about the PAVILION restaurant I want to work as a restaurant manager over there. So can you send me their email address. I am a very honest result interred person and love to work these types of places. I tried in Google but couldn’t find.

    I hope you will help me.

  6. RABIN CHELLAN says:

    I want your help pls. my brother wife she cancel her job visa and she goan to india last week. now i want to bring her from india. how is it possible. but no have NOC . if i bring by my family visa then i can change to another job visa . its possible pls reply and help me sir thank u

  7. Dr.N.SaravanaBhavan says:

    Respected Sir,

    With warm regards, I am Dr.N.SaravanaBhavan working as assistant professor in a reputed university at Chennai, TN, India. I need a clarification from you because your expertise. In 2012 I was in muscat as a faculty under MHE(Glob net consultancy). I came for vacation and due to family reasons I was not able to go back again to muscat. I have sent e-mail to my employer about this but they didn’t not any thing related to cancellation of visa (No NOC). Days are passed and completed almost 4 years as of now. Recently I attend one interview from other consultancy and got selected. Now I don’t know what to do. Can I possible to go once again to Muscat. How I will come to know about my previous status under immigration? Even though If i get visa, upon arrival of airport whether I may be punish or any other inquiry through ROP

    Please provide your valuable suggestions. This will be helpful for me for next proceedings



  8. I want 1 visa pls help me. My cantact no. 9675778419 i live in india district Shajhanpur.

  9. Mohammad sohel says:

    My resident card is expiry how going to Bangladesh please help me

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